About us ...

The business was established in 1926, by Mr. Sydney Roland Platt, the present Managing Director’s grandfather.

Abbey Quilting has over 50 years experience in the quilting industry with a proven reputation for quality, and is recognized as the market leader in its field.  The Company also produces Cumulus Mattress Protectors.

The Company has always realized the importance of keeping in touch with new technology which would improve the all round service for you the customer. Abbey Quilting is the only manufacturer of Quiltpoint ultrasonic stitchless quilting in the UK and also offers stitch quilting. Our lead in this field enables you to get the best in terms of choice and quality.

Our main applications are for clothing, work wear, corporate wear, kitchen coordinates, insulation, filtration, upholstery, bedspreads, bedding, mattress protection and fillings. We are also keen to listen to your requirements and meet your needs. At Abbey Quilting the customer comes first.

Abbey Quilting can quilt on your own fabric, up to 2.5 metres wide and can also supply a range of fabrics.

Abbey Quilting’s efficient personal service with attention to detail represents the best value for money, which is essential in today’s competitive climate. Abbey Quilting Ltd have an ongoing commitment to high standards and quality.

Abbey exists to provide quality quilting service at competitive rates.