We are prepared to quilt from 5 metres through to very large volumes.  The larger the volume, the lower the price per metre.

We can quilt with no wadding or on wadding weights from 70gms per square metre, to 400gms per square metre.  Usual weights tend to range from 70gms through to 200gms.

We can offer quilting on your fabrics; we can also offer a range of our own fabrics, which can  be used as top fabrics backings, or interliners.

When sending fabrics in to us please:
-Mark all packages with your name
-Indicate the face side of the fabric
-State your requirements on a written order
-It is essential that all fabrics are not joined along their length prior to quilting.  All joining to increase the width of the material must be done after quilting.

At any time of you have any quiries, please do not hesitate to Contact us