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Fitting Styles of the Cumulus Mattress Protector

At Cumulus, we have a wide variety of fitting styles to meet the requirement of our customers.

In order to make it easier for you to choose your mattress protector, here are the major fitting stlyes we provide.

Fitting styles are very important, as styles are suited to the type of mattress you have.

Fitting styles:

1. Mattress Pad - This is very easy to fit to all mattresses, just stretch the elastics over each corner of the mattress

2. The Cumulus Corner Fit design - This is very easy to put on your mattress. It saves you lifting the whole mattress, and you only have to lift the corners of the mattress. Very useful if you are unable to move your mattress by yourself.

3. Fully fitted: This is total mattress protection, which will protect the top and sides of your mattress.

4. Sure Fit - This design is similar to fully fitted, except that it is seamless around the sides of the mattress, giving a qualtiy finish.

Please get in contact if you would like to know more about our fitting styles.

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